It has been brought to our attention that Comcast is now offering an alternative solution to help with the digital box requirements. Until now, your choice was to install a cable box per TV or modulate the system. Modulating the system can be quite costly for many club owners and the cost varies depending on how many channels you want to offer since a cable box is required per channel.

The new product from Comcast is called an MDTA Multiplexor. This product is installed where your cable feed comes into your building and basically un-encrypts your signal allowing your TVs to pick up channels as they once did in the past without the need for a cable box and remote per TV.

Below is the information that was provided to us from Comcast. Please note that we are not representatives of Comcast and the prices below are to be used as reference only and is based on a commercial services account type. Bulk customer pricing is a different pricing structure. Pricing and product availability is based off of your location and requirements. Please contact your local Comcast dealer for specifics.

• 1 MDTA Multiplexor required per facility.
• Cost is around $250.00 per month to lease. The unit is currently not for sale.
• Currently does not broadcast in HD. If HD is required, an HD box at a cost of $12.95 per month would be needed per TV.
• Comcast is requesting that the facility have at least 15 TVs before considering the multiplexor as an option.
• Additional costs include:
o Install Costs – pricing varies
o Monthly Service Costs – varies between $80.00 to $140.00 per month depending on the service. A service for channels 2-99 would be $80.00 and up. A service for channels 2-160 would cost $140.00 and up.

Sample cost:
Club wants the cable service allowing them access to 2-99 Channels - $80.00 a month.

Club needs 40 TVs to be un-encrypted: Cost of MDTA Multiplexor $250.00 a month lease. Installation costs would be extra.

Club wants 20 of the TVs to broadcast in HD: $12.95 each monthly = $259.00

Total Sample Cost (monthly) without installation: $589.00